John Varvatos

John Varvatos founded his eponymous brand in 1999, turning it into an American luxury lifestyle company. The passionate designer believes in making modern and practical clothes and accessories through traditional methods. John Varvatos’s products are targeted towards men who want sophisticated and chic apparels that do not look overdone. He draws inspiration from Rock and Roll music, using elements of the music genre to design products like jewellery, fragrances and even band memorabilia.

In 2000, John Varvatos released his fragrance line for men and then later for women. With a range of unique scents available, his fragrance line soon became popular in many countries such as the USA, Australia and Singapore. John Varvatos’s perfumes are bottled in glass bottles that are decorated with a variety of materials such as a woven rattan or tinted in eye-catching bold colours depending on the concepts (Classic, Artisan, Vintage etc). The distinctive designs of his fragrances are a reflection of the designer’s love for Rock and Roll.


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