Aveda is the leading premium botanical hair care and skincare brand with professional authority. Using 90% or more naturally derived ingredients in all its product formulation, it infuses ayurvedic tradition and modern botanical innovation, connecting professionals and consumers with beauty, wellness and nature.

Hair, Home and Accessories
Brand Growth Journey Stage
Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore


  • To gain wider brand recognition in the Southeast Asian region


  • Tough competition for prime real estate within shopping malls
  • Maintaining consistent brand identity across all markets in experience centers (ECs)
  • Hiring and training Daymakers (Aveda retail talents) to deliver consistent, best-in-class consumer experiences across markets

Luxasia's Value-add

Growth in Points-of-Sale

Significantly increased the points-of-sale across Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines (inclusive of salons and experience centres) within eight years.

Improved Store Locations

Leveraged on ground intelligence and strong relationships with key landlords and mall owners to acquire prime store locations within premium shopping malls.

Continued Delivery of Retail Excellence

Regular technical and product training support rendered for salons, in addition to customised product and service training for Daymakers. In 2018, we were awarded the ACE Platinum Award in the Cosmetics and Wellness sector by Singapore Retail Association. This is regarded as the pinnacle of service excellence in Singapore.