Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the world’s most important and best known ‘Made in Italy’ luxury brands. It stands for consolidated craftsmanship and creative innovation – two factors of excellence identifying the brand which have developed considerably over the years but always in perfect keeping with their origins.

Originally founded 1927 and achieving fame as a shoemaker, Salvatore Ferragamo is now one of the world’s leading designers, producers and distributors of luxury shoes, leather goods, accessories, fragrances and apparel for men and women.

Brand Growth Journey Stage
China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand
““Luxasia is not only a very professional and high-quality standard distributor and business partner, but also a company flexible enough to adapt its organisation and business model to almost any different brand level and organisation. The quality of the people in its organisation is always at a very high level and the proof is that a lot of managers in brand organisations come from the Luxasia ranks.”
Niccolo Sanesi
Salvatore Ferragamo, Regional Director Asia Pacific, Parfums


Luxasia delivered a well-performing partnership since 2005 with Ferragamo by delighting consumers in Southeast Asia, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan, with their Fragrances. In 2016, the business scope expanded to China to reach deeper into the North Asia region, where the partnership flourished to the next level.


  • North Asia, comprising Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China, is a fragmented landscape with different go-to portals for social engagements and e-commerce, compounded with varied retail and chain store networks
  • Presence of parallel imports sold at steep pricing discounts, impacting both branding and pricing consistency
  • Space constraints within department stores affecting brand’s in-market representation and consumers’ retail experience

Luxasia's Value-add

Expanded Market Reach and Touchpoints

Leveraged on strong relationships with multiple channel partners that operate different retail formats to expand Ferragamo's brand presence to multiple hundreds of doors. Luxasia's collective brand-building efforts were recognised at the annual Ferragamo conference in 2019.

Brand Growth Through Enhanced Consumer Engagements

Experienced double-digit growth in China, driven by the many consumer engagement events, pop-ups, amplifying the viral impact of campaigns through the use of relevant Key Opinion Leaders across social platforms.

Regional Synergies Driving Strong North Asia Growth

Maximised brand management and supply chain synergies within the North Asia organisation to deliver even better business results for Ferragamo collectively, with the addition of China in 2016 to the longstanding partnership scope (Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong since 2005).