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Making a Difference

The Luxasia Foundation aims to make a sustainable difference to our community, particularly in improving the lives of women from our beneficiaries.


Our Initiative: Empowerment of Women


We provide under-privileged women with sponsorship to attend beauty and cosmetics courses – to equip them with the necessary skills for employment in the beauty industry. We hope this can help pave the way for sustainable income and a meaningful career in beauty.

Job Placement

Upon graduation from the courses, the Foundation assists with job placement exercises and on-the-job training within the company to ready them for customer-facing roles as our ambassadors – our Customer Engagement Officers (CEOs).


Scholarships & Awards

The Foundation seeks to groom the leaders of tomorrow by offering scholarships and awards to outstanding undergraduates.


1. SME – SPRING Executive Development Scholarship (EDS)

As part of SPRING’s Business Leaders Initiative, the EDS was launched in partnership with local enterprises to nurture young dynamic individuals into future business leaders. The Foundation and SPRING select and fund outstanding pre-university students and undergraduates, by supporting their full-time studies in the local universities. Upon graduation, the scholars are offered roles in Luxasia, where they will have a hand at spearheading new and exciting business initiatives locally and regionally.


2. The Luxasia VIE Award

The Luxasia VIE Award recognises top undergraduate students who have shown themselves to possess Vitality (V), Innovativeness (I), and an Enterprising spirit (E). Candidates are selected based on their academic achievements, as well as involvement in student and community activities which showcase their outstanding leadership qualities.