Asia's Beauty Omni Leader

Driven by passion, we connect world class brands with Asia's beauty consumers

Our History

1986 marked the arrival of the Luxasia Group, and our foray into the beauty industry. We focus on our customers first.

Besides our diverse and trusted Principals: Beiersdorf, Burberry, Clarins, Ferragamo and Shiseido Group, just to name a few, we also have joint ventures with the Coty Group, the LVMH Group, the PUIG Group and Elizabeth Arden. Together, we extend our reach to Asian consumers. We select and bring only world class beauty brands to Asia.

Our teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar lend their deep local expertise, which allow us to marry the local nuances with global perspectives. In addition to that, we provide worldclass backoffice and logistics services to enable fast market entries and sustainable growth.

Established at the forefront of the beauty realm, we know what it takes to be inspired. But more than that, we are in the art of constantly re-inventing ourselves; to create truly unforgettable experiences for our customers and partners.

Our Value Proposition

We strive to define a new omnichannel experience in the beauty industry. Leveraging our local market intelligence, unique insights and rigorous data analytics, we constantly innovate and adapt our intelligent omnichannel ecosystem to deliver the best beauty offerings to our consumers. We have dedicated local teams in every market who are experts in both digital and offline marketing, as well as a “plug and play” back office to ensure a seamless experience for our brands and consumers. New ways of forging trusted relationships with our customers are identified, formulated, and carefully tailored to fit every brand’s exclusiveness.

Our team at Luxasia tackles the industry’s challenges with a clear purpose; to continually inspire our consumers. The fine art of selection and introduction of new tastes to Asia lie at the heart of everything that we do. We familiarise our consumers with beauty’s latest trends, immersing them in a retail experience that delights and excites.

We focus our pursuits on the long-term development of our trusted brands. Our longstanding relationships cement the positioning of these brands in our different markets. We are invested in the long-term success of these brands and our understanding of the brand aspirations is converted into a steady acquisition of consumers, who in turn sustain and enhance brand value.

Our talents are the most important asset that we have. We invest into identifying, developing and retaining the best beauty talents. Only together we are strong.

Every relationship forged is important to us. Built upon mutual trust, respect and fair-dealing, our longstanding partnerships with all our key stakeholders form the backbone of our success. Nurtured over time, our steadfast commitment to these relationships has weathered challenging environments, and together, we’ve cultivated a lasting investment that is never too small or insignificant.

Technology is a key enabler which drives the succes of our brand partners, streamlines our workflow and gives our teams the competitive edge. It also allows us to connect with our customers across all digital and social platforms. Platforms such as SAP are utilised across all our markets to achieve a business velocity marked by efficient collaborations and to gain detailed insights.

Our Values

Behind the Luxasia way lies our 7 integral values…

Luxasia is a family and One Team built on trust. Everyone matters. Everyone is empowered. Our respect for all, is heartfelt. We treat people right, we are fair and we fulfil our promises. We are fully committed to our Customers, Teams and Business Partners.

Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. We are constantly looking to scale new heights and realise new ideas. We are frugal in what we do. We create demand and we push the boundaries of what is possible.

We are the first out of the blocks and anticipate the digital speed at which markets and customers are evolving. We aim to stay ahead of consumer desires, connecting them quickly and efficiently to world-class brands. Curious, agile and nimble, we stay ahead of the game.

We are passionate in what we do. Our tenacity, initiative and sense of ownership are second nature to us. Our dedication to give back to society and make a difference in every woman’s life is true to our hearts.

We are uncompromising in our pursuit of excellence. Excellence in our support functions. Excellence in our customer-facing operations. We know that our past successes do not guarantee our future, and so we relentlessly strive for world-class excellence.

We take risks to achieve breakthroughs. We dare to innovate. We embrace change. We speak up when we disagree. And we have the courage to take accountability for our mistakes. We challenge ourselves everyday to do better.

We are committed to continuously transforming ourselves and our mindsets, and have the grit and persistence to see things through. We do so to bring the very best experience and value to our Business Partners and Consumers. We breathe and live – transformation.


Asia’s Beauty Omnichannel Market Accelerator

Merging local knowledge with a global perspective, our consumer-centric go-to-market strategies and omnichannel distribution approach help international brands access Asia. Built over the last 30 years, our deep local consumer insights, wide distribution capabilities and intelligent omnichannel ecosystem help us bring the best beauty brands globally to our Asian consumers.

Our team is focused on bringing the best global luxury brands to Asia. Our portfolio, which consists of brands such as Burberry, Bvlgari, Dior, Diptyque, Ferragamo, Hermes, La Prairie and Prada, is curated from over 30 years of experience in the luxury beauty industry. We treasure our longstanding relationships with all the key luxury retailers in each of our markets which have been built on mutual trust & respect.

Our professional products division takes pride in selecting and representing the most recognised Spa and Salon brands such as Aveda, Decleor and Payot. Backed by advanced research, these brands are both effective and innovative. We have an advanced network of spas and salons in the markets that we operate in and are focused on creating sustainable win-win relationships with our spa and salon owners.

Our luxury specialist in retail and distribution investigates the realm of cult, classic and contemporary beauty brands, whose qualitative and selective distribution demands the highest care and attention. The day-in, day-out greatness of our escentials concept stores comes from the eloquent selection of the world’s best-loved beauty innovations. To be fully subsumed in this world, professional advice with the highest standards of customer service is essential, not just because it dispenses an immeasurable beauty experience, but most of all, since it takes away the excuse not to indulge.



Patrick Chong

A true-blue entrepreneur at heart, Patrick founded Luxasia over 30 years ago. He is a veteran in the beauty industry and his passion drives him to continually search for the next beauty revolution and new ways of evolving businesses. Patrick is a firm believer in the power of people and core values in creating a successful organisation. He is an advocate that our past success doesn’t guarantee our future and encourages our teams to constantly innovate to stay ahead of the game.

Group CEO

Wolfgang Baier

A passionate digital leader with a proven track record in transforming companies. Wolfgang is highly regarded and has deep expertise in the logistics, ecommerce and digital industry. Exceedingly driven and entrepreneurial, Wolfgang is constantly innovating fresh ideas, technologies and processes to challenge and improve the status quo. ‘Business As Usual’ does not exist for him. A genuine people leader, he believes in empowerment and eliminating ‘silos’ and hirarchies to create a conducive environment for experimentation and expression of diversity.