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Kannie Liew

In this fast and competitive market, it is not always easy to keep up with the many changes in the industry. Being a part of Luxasia, one of the biggest players in beauty, a lot of hard work and dedication is called for.

What makes me love my job is trust and respect – whether it be with my boss, peers or my beloved teammates. There is complete transparency.We work more hours than we sleep and oftentimes see our colleagues more than our families. This is why trust is so important as it builds a strong relationship that leads to great passion in our work.

Luxasia offers a tremendous amount of opportunities and nurtures me to think and act like an entrepreneur.

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Shan Chen

I have worked in various companies through the years, the one thing that impresses me the most about Luxasia is the speed at which things happen, and they happen quickly.  Whether it’s a tactical promotion or a pre-planned campaign, the marketing and sales teams can work together and make things happen within days, or sometimes hours. This is only possible because of the distinct collaborative culture and energy that every “Luxasian” can feel in this company. And it’s something I truly value working here.  We make things happen.

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Eunice Ho

Working in Luxasia has been rewarding on both professional and personal levels, with many opportunities to explore different roles, such as retail operations and training. There is never a dull moment & Luxasia’s trust in me has given me courage and nurtured my passion for the beauty business, which I love today even more than when I first started a decade ago.

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Vincent Foo

Since I joined Luxasia 20 years ago it is constantly transforming itself. There are always new brands, new projects and always something new to learn! With such a fast growing environment there are always new opportunities for career growth. Another truly great part about Luxasia is the great bunch of  colleagues who have become friends. Together with our shared passion and dedication we work hard and play hard to obtain the best for the company. This for me is the Luxasia spirit.

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Kate Ang

Being one of the key beauty players in the region, Luxasia is the obvious choice for anyone who is passionate about the beauty industry. It has a diverse and extensive portfolio, from prestige fragrances to makeup & skincare. The excitement never fades and the potential for career growth for anyone is tremendous. Having had the great opportunity to manage multiple brands, I’m able to gain in-depth knowledge which allows me to give strategic recommendations to existing and new brands.

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We are a winning team of diverse individuals whose commitment, innovation and passion – underlie everything we do. As we continue to unveil the best that beauty has to offer, we seek talented individuals like you who share our goal of being Asia’s Beauty Omni Leader. We are looking for talents who love the beauty industry because of its challenges, and who have the tenacity to develop innovative ideas to maintain Luxasia at the forefront of the beauty domain. Whether it is a challenging career opportunity or the realization of your full potential in a non-hierarchical and fun environment that excites you, we would love to hear from you!