Asia Pacific is highly fragmented – there is no one-size-fits-all. With 11 full-fledged local offices in the region, we think global, and live local to enable deep, wide and fast reach in the local markets. Embark on your brand’s growth journey in Asia Pacific with us.


Customised for the local market, we co-develop and execute an omnichannel launch strategy.
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  • Reach consumers fast through our growing database of over 1 million marketable luxury consumers in Asia Pacific
  • Speed-to-market is enabled by efficient product registration and optimised supply chain
  • Maximum results achieved through a hand-picked, choice set of offline and online channels
  • See your brand’s story come to life seamlessly across online and offline touchpoints with our team of digital marketing experts and well-trained retail staff


Based on actualised performance, we constantly refine our long-term brand strategy together for enhanced growth.
  • Go deeper and wider in the market through our extensive channel relationships, in retail and e-commerce
  • Insights derived from consumer data enhance each successive campaign
  • As your brand ambassador, we pay attention to details in retail, from the storefront to the back-end
  • Be it large shipments or small e-commerce packages, our supply chain handles all orders efficiently


With more than 33 years in the business, we tackle legal, regulatory, and supply chain intricacies fast and efficiently across all 15 markets.
  • We continually cultivate strong and time-tested relationships with multi-country store groups, regional, and local chains
  • We are connected with a myriad of regional and local online platforms within Asia Pacific, enabled by an effective technology middle layer
  • As your brand custodians, regardless of country, we honour your brand by localising marketing campaigns to delight consumers, without compromising branding
  • Cohesive regional teams ensure accurate and consistent brand representation across markets, channels, and platforms


We breathe new life into brands by leveraging on our extensive omnichannel networks to unlock latent growth potential.
  • Regardless of brand development stage, we are always finding new ways to unlock brand value through better omnichannel marketing, consumer engagements, and go-to-market setup
  • We take a 360-degree approach to enhance your brand’s perception through social, digital, and traditional marketing
  • Backed by data-derived consumer insights, we determine which brand aspects to revitalise for a brighter future in each market


  • Hair, Home and Accessories
  • Fragrances, Skincare and Cosmetics